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About Us

Bakkar Drip Irrigation Systems, is one of the main suppliers of modern irrigation systems in Algeria.
We specialize in designing, supplying & installing modern irrigation systems such as Drip irrigation systems, sprinkler networks & landscaping. and We provid irrigation solutions for a wide range of projects.
We provide the following equipments:
- Pop–up Sprinklers (Sprayers & Rotors)
- Electrical Valves
- Controllers
- Satellite Controllers
- Central Control Systems
and more
We have a highly qualified technical team providing world class design and consultation services.
We also provide installation, maintenance, and after sales services through our highly experienced projects team.

Our Vision

Our outlook corresponds to the ambitious program of our country and also the reality of the business market. Depending on the development of our country, the need for water in various agricultural, urban and industrial fields is increasing. This requires rationalization of the use of water resources and is often difficult, especially in the case of drought. In this context, in order to ensure a balance in the distribution of resources, our country is redoubling efforts to pool water resources (both traditional and non-traditional) through the development of programs that have been adopted.
Considerable efforts have therefore been made to eliminate water stress and improve the national environmental framework in the dynamics of sustainable development, as demonstrated by the completion of major structural projects, which today allow significant improvements in the major indicators of human development in water and the environment.
Efforts to develop agricultural irrigation will continue within the next five-year plan, 2015-2019. The target for the 2015-2019 program is to move from an irrigated area of ​​1,136,000 hectares in 2013 to an irrigated area of ​​2,136,000 hectares in 2019, an increase of 1 million hectares representing over 25% of arable land.

Address and Contacts

Social headquarters: Cite elkaouter.   Bayada, El-Oued Algerie.

Mob: Bekkari Amara: 0770384790, 0670384790.
Email:    Email:
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