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We would like to welcome you and wish you an enjoyable visit to our modest presentation. This portal gives you an overview of the group through the story of its creation, its activities and the values that characterise it. It also offers a vision of our communications strategy and a permanently open showcase.
We also would like to use it to talk about what we consider the ambition of our company to be. However, despite the years of experience and projects accumulated, we cannot allow ourselves to believe that we have reached international standards. This is why we remain attentive to your areas of development and include your contributions in the wide range of remarks and comments available through our website and we thank the contributors in advance.
We would also like to inform you that we pay particular attention to the cooperation and international partnership that we regard as essential to any sustainable and strategic development.

Our Activities

Electrical Columns

Bakkar Electric columns company, is a limited liability company, its social headquarters in the Wilaya of ElOued. and has been operating all over the country for a decade and covers mainly the south and east of the country.
The Electric Poles Production Unit was established as a branch of Bakkar companies. It was built in 2016 and was officially opened by the Minister of Interior and Local Communities, on an official visit to the Wilaya of ElOued during the month of January 2017.

public works

Bakkar Public works contractor Is a leading global engineering and construction contractor, Our strength, as a contractor, has long been derived from an ability to execute highly demanding and critical projects on time, and within budget. We enjoy deep resources of engineering, procurement and construction expertise as well as highly qualified people. We leverage these assets to provide a ‘one stop shop’ of technically sophisticated services for all stages of the construction cycle, stringently complying with best in class standards for health, safety and protection of the environment.

The Transpor

BAKKAR Transport is one of the leading companies in Algeria in the transportation industry, and is a national provider of heavy-haul logistics and transportation services for the construction, Industry, mining, and agriculture equipment markets. We are a member of BAKKAR group.
Our modern fleet of transport equipment is unparalleled in range and capacity, encompassing everything. Furthermore, our fleet is subject to stringent maintenance programs that uphold the highest standards of reliability and safety.
The philosophy of our company is honesty first and foremost; honesty with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Irrigation Systems

Sarl Bakkar Irrigation, is one of the main suppliers of modern irrigation systems in Algeria.
We specialize in designing, supplying & installing modern irrigation systems such as Bakkar Amtar "Rain on demand" irrigation systems, and We provid irrigation solutions for a wide range of projects.
We have a highly qualified technical team providing world class design and consultation services.
We also provide installation, maintenance, and after sales services through our highly experienced projects team.

About Us

Bakkar company is a limited liability company, is based in Wilaya of ElOued. It operates throughout the country for ten years and mainly covers the south and east of the country, and We specialize in the following activities:
- Public works and construction.
- Electric columns.
- Irrigation equipment and systems.
- Transport of equipment.
The company strives to provide high quality and excellent quality services. To enrich the market and reach a prestigious position, as part of the company's expansion, several projects are under construction and several phases are planned in the coming years.

Our vision

Our approach is deliberately focused on the building and public works trades, services related to electrical columns construction and the transport of goods and equipment and the Irrigation equipment and systems. It enables a diversity of investments, a wide opening on partnerships and the creation of common interest groups, especially with foreign entities, for the implementation of large projects as part of our country's development. The technological upheaval and competition in which we evolve require us to constantly improve our conduct. We impose a continuous improvement policy, which could be one way to enable us to create the necessary conditions to satisfy our customers and the conservation needs of our environmental surroundings.

Address and Contacts

Social headquarters: Cite elkaouter.   Bayada, El-Oued Algerie.
Activity zone: Industrial zone.   Oued El Alenda, El-Oued Algerie.

Commercial Service
Commercial: 0561666612, 0661393277.   Tel: 032143900. Fax: 032143901.

Mob: Bekkari Amara: 0770384790, 0670384790.    Email:
Mob: Bekkari Youcef : 0770702270, 0661393274.    Email:

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