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About Us

Bakkar Irrigation Systems is one of the leading suppliers of modern irrigation systems in Algeria.
We specialize in the design, supply and installation of modern irrigation systems, we exclusively represent the Bakkar Amtar artificial rain products in Algeria and provide irrigation solutions for a large number of projects.
We have a highly qualified technical team to provide design services, consulting and also internationally. We provide installation, maintenance and after-sales services through a highly experienced project team.
We provide the following equipments:
- Artificial rain systems ( Bakkar Amtar ).
- Electrical Valves.
- Controllers.
- Satellite Controllers.
- Central Control Systems.

Our Vision

Our outlook is in line with the ambitious agenda of our country and the reality of the business market. Depending on the development of the country. Water needs are increasing in various agricultural, urban and industrial areas. This requires a rationalization of the use of water resources, often being very difficult, especially in case of water scarcity.
In this context, in order to ensure a balanced distribution of resources, our country is redoubling its efforts to pool water resources (traditional and unconventional) through the development of programs currently adopted.
Considerable efforts have been made to eliminate water stress and improve the national environmental framework in sustainable development mechanisms, as evidenced by the completed projects in the core structure that now significantly improve key indicators of human development in developing countries in the fields of water and the environment.
Agricultural irrigation development efforts will continue under the next five-year plan 2015-2019, which aims to move from an irrigated area of 1,136,000 hectares in 2013 to an irrigated area of 2,136,000 hectares. In 2019, an increase of one million hectares accounted for more than 25% of arable land.
The company Bakkar, in partnership with Bakkar Amtar, offers "Rain on demand" systems provided by Bakkar Amtar, the latest and most effective way to provide water and energy at rates of 20 to 40%, allowing an increase of 10 to 30% in agricultural production.
This system serves the agricultural sector, green spaces, gardens, golf courses and the washing of solar panels.
We have contributed to the elimination of water stress and the improvement of the national environmental framework.

Our partners

Bakkar Amtar Limited holds the patent and developer of the new generation irrigation system called Floppy Overhead System, which was selected by an independent institution, the Agricultural Engineering Institute of South Africa.
We represent the exclusive agent of Bakkar Amtar's products "Rain on demand" in Algeria following the memorandum of understanding concluded in the countries of origin of the South African product.
under the terms of this agreement the company Bakkar at work has become the exclusive agent for all the systems of the company Bakkar Amtar which has obtained many awards for this system, which is the newest and most competent in the supply of the water and energy at rates of 20 to 40%, which has achieved an increase in agricultural production rates of 10 to 30%.
Bakkar Amtar's products are for the agricultural sector, landscaping, gardens, golf courses and solar panel washing.

Bakkar Amtar System

The irrigation system by sprinkler is a simulator for rain, where the system sprays equal water droplets is similar in size of raindrops, where the water comes out of a silicon tube that twist of a regular frequency leading to the dispersion of the water droplets and revolves around itself and thus covers more than 360° each time producing a kind of rain.
The Bakkar Amtar system is unique in its structure, it is likely to take several positions, for example, in circulation, which allows agriculture underneath and also allow all types of agricultural equipment to pass underneath is the one of the most important and most types of Bakkar Amtar irrigation system.
To help you better understand the system and the way it works and the installation methods, we have provided a guide containing a series of videos and books that can answer all your questions and help you choose the best.

  Bakkar Amtar System Documentations

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Social headquarters: Cite elkaouter.   Bayada, El-Oued Algerie.

Tel: 032143900. Fax: 032143901.
Mob: Bekkari Amara: 0770384790, 0670384790.
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